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Maximize Your Male Hormones
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About this class

ZRT Laboratory and Rupa are excited to host internationally known practitioner and speaker Pamela W. Smith, MD, MPH, MS, as she discusses men’s hormones and signs copies of her new book, “Maximize Your Male Hormones: Symptoms, Causes and Treatments of Men’s Most Common Health Disorders”. 

We are who we are because of the hormones produced in our body. From our sexuality to our physical and mental development to the state of our health―we are all dependent on our hormones working properly. When there is an overproduction or under-production of any of our hormones, we can experience a host of serious health disorders. The problem is few of us ever connect these issues with our hormones. And while men may be familiar with testosterone, there are others that are just as important. Maximize Your Male Hormones isa clear guide for men to understand, identify, and treat the many common sources of these ailments.

You'll Learn:

  • Understand the physiology and biochemistry of the male hormonal system
  • Learn the definition of primary and secondary hypogonadism
  • Know the signs and symptoms of andropause
  • Explore the functions of testosterone in the body
  • Study the role estrogen has in the male
  • Examine the main reasons for hormone replacement therapy in men
  • Review the contraindications to testosterone replacement

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