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Upper Airway Resistance, Dysautonomia and Crooked face Epidemic
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Upper Airway Resistance, Dysautonomia and Crooked face Epidemic

May 3, 2023
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The story of Genetically modified Food and Epigenetically modified Humans

Breathing is the most vital function of our bodies and initiates the most survival reflexes. Breathing disorder is a modern epidemic and the underlying culprit of over active sympathetic nervous system and chronic inflammation. Mouth breathing is over breathing and negatively impact overall health worse than overeating, both physiologically and orthopedically. Asymmetrical faces and bodies are the common culprit of dysfunctional breathing.

symptoms of dysfunctional breathing include: poor posture, underdeveloped faces, lack of nasal breathing, enlarged adenoid and tonsils, overactive sympathetic nervous system, and pH imbalance in many systems.  These are ways that body compensates just to ensure their next breath.  Treating each of these symptoms individually without consideration of the unifying culprit is not sustainable and causes great harm to the patient. Medical community need to join forces across the disciplines in order to better treat the patient as a whole.

Tension headaches, behavioral issues, breathing disordered sleep, poor posture, autonomic functions, and overall health can be drastically improved if the medical community worked in concert with one another.  Addressing orthopedic misalignments, underdevelopment of skull and hip in collaboration with a dental orthopedist, and physical medicine is vital for regulating the physiological biomarker, such as pH, hormones imbalances, vagal tone stimulation and restoring body’s homeostatic.  

Join us on May 3rd as Dr. Esmaili teaches us about importance of collaboration amongst Dentists, Physical and Functional medicine providers to identify the signs of breathing disorder and address collaboratively to create health and homeostasis.

You'll Learn:

  • Understand the relationship between asymmetrical face, underdeveloped jaws and narrow airway and posture 
  • Side effects of mouth breathing such as poor posture, poor sleep  and autonomic nervous system 
  • Importance of nasal breathing, and impact of mouth breathing in overall health particularly in growing children
  • Understand the connection between underdeveloped jaws and dysfunctional breathing and its negative impact on  autonomic nervous system, metabolic conditions  

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