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Discovering the Immune Reaction to Food: Both Sensitivities and Allergies
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About this class

Discovering the immune reaction to food via both sensitivity and allergies is central to quenching the inflammatory processes that plague most people facing health challenges. Attendees will gain an understanding on the role of gut immune interaction play in everything  from autoimmunity and metaflammation to weight loss.

In this Live Class - we will cover: 

  • Review the and understand the power and the simplicity of the FAST report and how it can help patients to easily understand their dietary issues. 
  • Understand the genesis of food allergies and sensitivities and what can be done to neutralize the progression of gut breakdown and permeability.
  • Gain insight into the role allergies and sensitivities into chronic noncommunicable diseases along with the key aspects of how these reactions affect metabolism.

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