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The GI Effects: Precise, Reliable, and Clinically Effective
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About this class

​In this live class, Dr Michael Chapman will discuss Genova Diagnostic’s GI Effects Comprehensive profile. Some learning points discussed include:

  • ​Homeostatic mechanisms including immune function, digestion & absorption of nutrients, detoxification, and even neurotransmitter production.
  • ​Finding the most appropriate and insightful way to evaluate the GI tract in our patients.
  • ​Features including functional category scores and a robust microbiome synthesis interpretation.
  • ​Data-analysis which has been applied to thousands of reports to categorize commensal bacterial profiles that have direct clinical application.
  • ​Therapeutic options to assist in the clinical management of patients.

​This webinar will discuss the details of the GI Effects report and demonstrate the enhanced clinical utility of this design. Genova Diagnostics has led the way in stool testing for gastrointestinal health for over thirty years, and once again has redefined what a stool test looks like.

​Dr Chapman is the Director of Product Innovation at Genova Diagnostics. Aside from educating and consulting with integrative and functional medicine practitioners, he is responsible for researching and developing new test profiles at Genova Diagnostics.

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